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We offer a 10% discount for seniors and repeat customers as a way to say thank you and give back to the community that has always given to us. Hire our team today!

No Job Is Too Big or Too Small for Us

Turn to Toronto’s Finest Concrete for your masonry, concrete, and other construction needs. Based in Toronto, Ontario, we specialize in the following services:


Self-Leveling Cement

This is a process where a certified installer pours self-leveling cement over damaged/cracked, unlevel substrates to create a smooth and level finish (sealings and coatings available). This application is done mostly in basements, corridors, full units, high-rise buildings, and warehouse floors.

Concrete Work

This includes patios, stairs, sidewalks, walkways, retaining walls, basements floors, and all other concrete restoration.


When our clients find water damage in their basement or other structures, an expert is needed to assess and treat the situation. Our waterproofing service includes full excavation to the footings of your foundation’s wall to expose and properly clean the foundation wall.

The wall is then covered in a layer of cement and the footings are benched on a 45-degree angle with cement to allow water to run into a new weeping tile system. Then another tar coating is applied over the new cement wall.

After this application dries, we finish the wall, protecting with a Delta membrane to ensure that absolutely no water will find its way back into the basement or structure that is waterproofed. The final step is to replace the existing weeping tile system with a new system and cover it with 1 foot of gravel for ultimate water drainage.

Then we fill the cavity back up cleanly and efficiently with no damage to the existing lawn or structure itself. Our main mission is to ensure that we leave our client’s property and environment just as we arrived but the project completed with our superior quality workmanship.

Masonry and Brickwork

We offer various types of stonework, which includes flagstone, coping stone, and interlock.

Parging - Resurfacing damaged/distorted brick/cement walls while leaving it with a smooth textured finish (paints and coatings available).

Tuckpointing - Grinding rotted mortar joints out of brick and stone structure walls and refilling and finishing with new cement to give the walls a restored look. Varying colours and shades are available for mortar to match any house or structure.

Chimney Work - We offer all services from simple projects like tuckpointing and replacing damaged bricks to more complex projects, such as full teardowns and re-lays.


What Makes Us Stand Out

  • With a family history of over 40 years in the industry, we are passionate about what we do.

  • We are a driven and highly skilled team of experts.

  • No project is too small or too big for our team - we treat each project with the same diligence, efficiency and expertise.

  • We offer flexible payment plans and 10% discount to Seniors and repeat clients. 

  • We ensure our clients' property and environment is left  the same way as we arrived but our project is completed to the highest standard with superior quality workmanship. 

Special Offers

We offer a 10% discount for seniors and repeat clients as a way to say thank you and give back to the community that has always given to us. Hire our team today!

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